Start Early With Al-Aqil

Early education is one of the essential aspects of the development of children’s mental growth. Why? Imagine a sponge, absorbing the water till it’s heavily soaked. That is how children’s brain works. During their early growth, they can absorb everything easily without filtering the good and the bad. That is why in Islam, it is encouraged to display goodness, especially towards the little-loved ones so that they will mimic what we do and will make it as a habit that can be their practice in life.
This is the time we should pour all the knowledge and foundations of Islam in children. It all starts with the responsibility and awareness from parents. Parents should teach and educate their children with goodness and knowledge. For parents who are worried that they are lacking in providing Islamic foundations for their children, Al-Aqil is the solution for you.

This preschool is no ordinary preschool. It is an Islamic English Medium Preschool where they educate the solid foundation of Islam using English as its intermediate language. This pre-school will be the primary step in creating the future leaders of Islam.

The concept of this kindergarten learning system involves 50% Islamic religion and 50% academic by using English and Arabic as their intermediate language. The minimum age they will take in is 3 until 6 years old which it is a good age range where this is the period the children can smoothly absorb their surroundings tremendously.

Al-Aqil covers almost all aspects on Islamic religion and other modern mandatory academic basics such as Mathematics, Science and Morals and additional subject for sculpturing soft skills such as Computer and Arts and Crafts (depends on certain branches). The kindergarten also teaches the implementation from the Al-Quran such as praying, wudu’, reciting the Quran and Hadis and also the practice of writing ‘Jawi’ the ways of saying it. Al-Aqil creates an environment where the children will gain a different kind of learning experience by its notable educators where they will nurture, flourish and sculpture them into future leaders of Islam. This way the children would have a solid foundation that could lead them to the afterlife.

Al-Aqil highly ensures that the children will apply what they learn outside of the pre-school as well. Al-Aqil strives to put a strong input of practicality in the children, where they educate the children to implement what they learn to their homes such as praying according to the time without being instructed and even reciting the Holy Quran. The children in Al-Aqil succeeded in reciting the Yaasin at such young age that made all the parents proud and in tears. It does not limit there, the teachers of Al-Aqil teach the children self-management so they would know how to take care of themselves, developing self-independence in them and polishing the children’s ‘akhlak’ to become a well-mannered human-being.

Al-Aqil Pre-School will assure you that it can develop and refine children into lead preachers of Islam at a young age globally by setting an environment with the input of Islam.

Every Muslim parent should educate their children by empowering the teachings of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. This is the time and place to harness and sculpture the children’s potential to become global preachers of Islam.

Written by: Alisya

Photographed by: Alisya

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