Benefits of Getting Into Al-Aqil

One of the benefit getting into Al-’Aqil, the student will be taught on how to discipline themselves to ensure that they will develop a better manner when they grow up and getting into primary school where they meet new friends and meet new attitude while playing with their friends. Al-’Aqil teachers will make sure they can develop this type of attitude because it is just not a place where they learn ABC, but it is also a place where they learn on how to socialize with new people, new friends, being alone without their parents.


In Al-Aqil, first thing in the morning is they will assemble in front of their teacher to recite some daily short doa that they have learned. All the students that have bben in Al-Aqil since 4 years old will be able to memorize surah Yaasin where the teacher taught one new sentences per day and ask them to memorize it, while for the next day, they will read it from the beginning until the last sentences that their teacher taught them.


After that, the student will line-up and go to their class quietly and sit in their place and get ready for the first class and recite Surah Yaasin. In al-’aqil, all the teachers will make sure that the students will follow what they said and approach them according the way to avoid them from behaving naughty to their friends.


Written by: Dalila Syakireen

Photographed by: Dalila Syakireen

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