Du’a For All

Just like the prayer, du’a is another form of communicating and worshiping Allah the Almighty. It is one of the most noble act for Allah and praising all his glory. It is the most empowering conversation a person can have with Allah. We du’a to Allah for our needs or wants, hoping it will be answered. In a way, just like praying, du’a is proving the authority of Allah and how weak and incapable we are in front of Him. Without it, we could lose track of the right path towards Allah.

Du’a itself is significantly astounding that it has the power to change destiny. But of course, it only applies when one is truly sincere while doing it. InsyaAllah, he will surely listen to us fulfill our desires. As Muslims, we should use this as a weapon to fight our fears, depressions and even wars in the shape of du’a.

Written by: Alisya

Photographed by: Nur Firzanah

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