Fostering creativity in your child

Many people believe that creativity is something you are born with. It is the same with the concept of children are not equally intelligent. As creativity is an essential element of health and happiness and a skill to train with kids. But in reality, creativity is a skill that needs to be developed through their time as a child. Creativity is not limited to only arts and music, but it also helps to make them more flexible and improve their problem-solving skills.
So here are some ideas for parents to help their children to develop their creativity.
1. Give the support they require for creative expression
2. Build a creative space for them at home
3. Allow the children to explore their ideas
4. Encourage them to read and engage in any art forms
5. Give the children opportunity to express their different thoughts.

We know that creativity plays an important role to develop the child’s future. That is why, as parents, we must give our utmost effort to help them.

Written by:  Siti Khairina & Dayini Azman

Photographed by: Dayini Azman

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