Happy Class, Happy Kid

Al-Aqil strives to create a positive environment for the little ones to enjoy their preschool years to create wonderful memories as a part of their childhood. It is a wonderful deed to create smiles and laughter among children since having a good sense of humour can build critical thinking skills among children. When children understand their surrounding whether it is happy, sad or funny, it shows that they can think critically about their environment or surrounding.

Interesting things as you observe kids around these age, they will start to understand how fascinating and yet so weirdly their body functions work that it tickles them! They will start to observe things from a funny angle at times. The environment in Al-Aqil lets children do that! We ensure that the teachers will provide and treat your children with overflowing positivity. We encourage them to be happier than ever!


Written by: Alisya

Photographed by: Nur Firzanah

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