Hygiene is Important for Children

Children’s nails are usually healthy, but teaching them to check their nails at a young age develops a healthy habit. Checking nails is important because the first sign of health problem can show up in a nail. These signs include a dark streak and a nail that starts to crumble and fall off. Kids in Al-A’qil Preschool were taught about their cleanness. As an adult, it is important for us to teach hygiene habits for our kids because not only does it maintain a good appearance but also to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

In Tadika Al-A’qil, after the kids finish their outdoor activities, they will be asked to line up to check their nails by the teachers before enter the class. The teacher will wait in front of the door for not letting the kids to run away from checking their nails. If the kids were seen with their dirty fingernails, the teachers will ask them to cut off their nails and clean them up. They do this routine everyday to practice the kids to always hygiene.


Written by: Shayanie Rahman

Photographed by: Shayanie Rahman

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