Importance of Health and Hygiene in the Nursery


Children at a young age are vulnerable to diseases involving hygiene. Parents need to be extra careful of their children when they are in kindergarten because of the frequent contact made with their surrounding environment, including with other children, that this can frequently happen.

Therefore, every teacher in Al-Aqil preschool applies hygiene learning to their students to keep them healthy and clean under their care. How do they keep the children clean? The teachers will make sure that every student in Al-Aqil preschool washes their hand before and after having their meals. This remains the most effective way of removing germs and harmful bacteria from their hands.


Another way of keeping them clean is by making sure each and every student keep their nails clean and short. The teachers will check their nails after they finished their outdoor activities. The teachers also advise the students to always keep their nails short and clean to stay healthy and clean. This is an effective practice for the children because they will get used to the healthy environment and to always stay clean.


With proper personal hygiene, you can protect your little ones from disease-producing germs. Good hygiene is the key to healthy living.

Written by: Almaz Sazli

Photographed by: Almaz Sazli

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