Tips on Teach our Children to Perform Prayers

  1. Always perform our prayers in front of our children.

Parents are role models in the eyes of children. They will absorb and indirectly imitate what their parents do. Therefore, use this advantage to teach prayer to children. Pray in places that can be seen by children. Example like the living room. Often young children will imitate how we pray. That is a good sign because they are interested and curious about prayer


  1. Teach our children to how to take wudhu

Teach our children to take perfect wudhu. Guide our child step by step. Each learning experience such as how to take Wudhu should be a wonderful memory, binding us to Allah forever.


  1. Make it Visual.

Children respond well to visual cues and reward charts. Encourage our children to pray on time with this Islamic calendar that he can make himself. Hang it up somewhere in the home and it will act as a visual reminder to your child, reminding him of the times of each prayer.

Written by: Syahirah Afiqah

Photographed by: Syahirah Afiqah

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