Ways In How Education Is Taught In Kindergarten

There are many ways on how a teacher teaches in class, depending on who are the people they intend to teach to. For instance, a teacher can’t teach a bunch of teenagers what letter comes after F and always be there for them, as these are for kids in kindergartens who aren’t capable to take care of themselves. In kindergarten, a teacher must know how to teach these kids in a proper way as their mission is to prepare them for the outside world, where parents have trusted these teachers in their care. As for Al-Aqil, their mission is to not only prepare them for the world, but also for the hereafter, where the teachers will also prepare them with the knowledge of Islam.

In class, the teachers will prepare some ‘jawi’ or some surah, for example, Yasin, the duas in their daily actions and the basic surahs. In all of these, the teachers will make the children memorize. How? The teachers will read along and make the whole class read along, making it easier and fun for the children to memorize. Effectively, this would also increase the memory term for these children.

With this, Al-Aqil proves to create learning in such an easy and fun way for the kids to learn.

Written by: Megat Iskandar

Photographed by: Megat Iskandar

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