A Happy Child, Comes from a Happy Home

Who doesn’t want their kids to be happy and grow up in a positive environment? Every parents want their kids to be happy. It is the parents’ responsibilities to keep their children happy. It all starts from home.

If you want your kid to grow up with a positive mind, parents need to be cautious of your words when talking in front of them. Don’t use a harsh words that can give a negative impact to their mind. They might follow what you say.

You must give your children the praises and encouragements that they deserve. Everytime they do things, whether they complete it or not, give praises and encouragement. A simple ‘good job’ is enough to make them happy and build their confidence.

Be affectionate to them. Don’t just say that you love them, show them through your hugs and kisses. Action does speak louder than words. Children love it when their parents give them their full attention.

Be the person that you want your child to be. A child always follow their parents’ behaviour. So, you must set a good example and be a good role model to them.

Make your child feel special everyday. Bring them to the playground, play with them and spend time with them. These simple gestures are enough to make them feel important and special.

Remember, a happy child comes from a happy home, so parents must create a happy home to ensure a happy child.

Written by: Amirah

Photographed by: Syakira

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