Early Education

Early education plays an important role in children’s brain development. To ensure the future of the children’s live to be bright, it is best that we focus on the early years of the children’s live.  If the children is surrounded by a caring and nurturing environment then it will greatly impact the children’s chances of a successful transition to school and it will lead to achieving better education, employment and health when they grow older.


Early childhood education are designed to develop a child’s development in many key areas:

  • Social skills
  1. How to play with other children in a relaxed, giving and pleasant way and their ability to make new friends


  • Self-awareness and respect


  • Emotional skills
  1. Understanding their own characters and emotions


  • Language, literacy and numeracy abilities,
  1. reading books and counting objects


  • The ability of learning and group activities
  1. speaking, painting


  • Able to adopt to new approaches and ideas


In  Al-Aqil preschool the students are thought in a comfortable and educational environment. As the students that attends Al-Aqil preschool ranges from the age 3-6 years old, which is the crucial stage of the child’s brain’s architecture evolves.The students in Al-Aqil preschool are thought different type of subjects such as English and mathematics, but they mainly focuses on Islamic education and that is what makes Al-aqil preschool different than other preschool.


Written by : Khairina Fikri

Picture by : Asri Hashim

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