Need a Hand?

Social interaction at an early age is vital for a healthy childhood development which will contribute a lifelong impact on an individual’s character. This is the reason why it is essential to seek out preschool like Al-Aqil to let them experience a healthy social interaction among their peers during their early childhood years.

We know the importance of other needs that your children require to have, before letting them out in the real word. Allah has created us mankind to depend on one another. One cannot live without the other.

At an early age, the children will learn the importance of teamwork. A value that requires working with others by sharing, communicating & compromising each other individuals to work for a common goal. Children will now know and understand the appropriate tactics for working well with others at an early age with the full assistance of the teachers.

Not only that, when children start to actively socialize at an early age, they will quickly build and learn verbal communication with their peers in preschool. Talking about preschoolers, we know they are bound to argue among one another, but all for the better since they will learn to deal with confrontations. Social interaction at an early age in early education, is a main factor for your little ones to learn and speak clear communication for better understanding or comprehension.

And of course, the children will develop friendships along the way when they know how to interact with their peers. This is very helpful as children will have and feel a form of companionship which could lead to a sense of belonging.


Written by: Alisya

Photographed by: Alisya

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