Positive Effects When Smiling

Every time you smile, your brain will hold a feel-good party. Smiling itself will bring many positive effects towards you. When you smile, it will activate the discharge of neuropeptides that will work to remove stress. Not only that smiling can help to unwind our body and can also reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

On how it can affect your body, you also will be better-looking when you smile. When you smile, other people will treat you differently. You are viewed as friendly, attractive and genuine.

Smiling can also affect the people around us as well. A piece of your brain will copy another person’s smile. That is because when you smile, your brain persuaded you to return the favor. The chances are that will make the both of you to build a relationship with the other person.

That is why we should always smile in our daily lives even when things are though. As smiling can bring many positive effects towards us and it also create a harmonious environment between humans.


Written by Dayini Azman

Picture by Syahirah Afiqah

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