Ways to Improve Your Child’s Self-esteem

A child with a high self-esteem will know how to feel loved and satisfaction that can grow into a positive and great people. To help them gain their self-esteem here are a few ways parents can do.

Give your children options. This means that parents should be a little more opened to give their children choices to make. For instance, give them the choice to select the breakfast they want to eat. Either its, cereal or bread. Let them feel they are making choices for themselves.

Let your children do stuff on their own. Parents who baby their children will block the opportunity to let their children explore and make their own mistakes and learn from it. Like, having your children dress their own or tying shoes on their own.

Let your children know that no one is perfect. By letting them know that no one is perfect, they can make mistakes as humans. So, parents should be careful of reacting to their child’s mistakes.

Don’t compare your children. Every child is different. One can be good in doing one thing that the other may not be good at. Parents should not compare their children with each other because it will decrease their self-esteem.

As parents, we should not be the contributors to our child’s cause of low-esteem. That is why we should be the one who builds them up to be great people in the future

Written by : Dayini Azman

Picture by Khairina Fikri

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