Benefits Listening to The Recitation of Quran

A study examined the effects of Quran on the children’s memory, finds that listening to the Quran, 15 minutes a day, without using any other skill or training, helps improve the children’s memories.

That’s why Al-A’qil Preschool not only teaches the children to hafaz the surahs through reading, but also through the recitation of the surahs by the teachers. In order to attract the attention of the children to the holy verses, teachers will make some activities that requires the children to write the holy versus on a piece a paper just by listening through the recitation and watching the way the mouth of the teachers pronounced each word at some learning stage of the children’s development.

These kinds of activities, will not only improve the ability of each children to concentrate, but also develop speech ability of the children as they socialize. Of course, listening to the Quran has so many benefits like increases the body immune system, cure non-illness such as allergy, headache, flu and many more. Even so, keep in mind that these benefits do not just cure overnight. These goes without saying, they are the result of continuous listening to the recitation of Holy Quran.

With this, parents are encouraged to change their habit. Instead of listening to music that has nothing linked to Islam, they should start listening to the recitation of Quran that are easy for the children to listen and recite it especially while driving.

It can be said that listening to Holy Quran gives positive effects especially to the children that are still growing and developing. This is because the sound waves from the Quran recitation are rhythmical and it helps to retaliate the brain cells in return to increase the children’s brain capacity and potential.


Written by: Syakira

Photographed by: Syakira

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