Benefits of Arts and Crafts For Children

Al-A’qil preschool has many fun arts and crafts activities. Colouring, painting, crafting, doing origami and anything that associates with arts and crafts. There are things children could gain from arts and crafts.

  1. Develops their fine motor skills.

By doing any arts and crafts, toddlers will have to use both hands in order to draw, cutting, colouring or even writing. By moving their hands and finger, it will help them to develop their motor skills. It will helps to strengthen their muscles and improve their controls.


  1. Build perseverance and focus.

For children, doing a little task such as drawing shapes is hard for them. By doing arts and crafts, it will help them to be more patient and focus by following the steps of doing the arts. This will also help the toddler on their way of study in the future.


  1. Boost self-esteem

Arts and crafts related activities give the children a sense of pride and achievement. Choose an activity according to your child’s skills, from a simple task, to a tricky one. They will be happy with their accomplishments and they will gain confidence to do a harder task. Remember, a healthy child is confident with his ability.


  1. Improves visual learning and memories.

Through arts and crafts, children will have to learn new shapes or even steps for their origami. This will help them improve their memory power. Today, it is very important for children to learn visually and kinetically as technology today has improved.


  1. Sharpen their problem solving skills.

By doing arts and crafts, children will have their own choice to choose what colours, shape they want to draw or even what craft that they want to do. This will sharpen their problem solving skills.


Arts and crafts is surely a fun activity. Now that you know that it gives lots of benefits for your children, why not give them a chance to try it out?

Written by: Amirah

Photographed by: Nadia

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