Connecting your Children to Allah

Connecting your children to Allah is very important. In fact, it is a continuous process for Muslims.


It begins at birth, as our Prophet SAW has instructed us to say the adhan (the call to prayer) in a newborn’s right ear and the iqamah (the second call to prayer) in its left ear immediately after birth. So, the first words the child hears are the call to prayer!


From then on, ensure that your child is hearing the name of Allah, the recitation of the Quran, tasbih (repetitive mentioning of Allah and his attributes), and du’a (supplication), eveb though he/ she is very young and doesn’t understand the meanings. Take your child with you when you make your jumu’ah prayers and carry him/ her after the prayer while doing the tasbih.


It is very important to present Allah to your child as positive, protective… loving but not as threatening and frightening.


Instead of saying ‘If you do not perform your Solat, Allah will put you in the hellfire!’ We can say ‘Allah loves you because you performed your Solat yesterday, and He loves you if you get ready for Solat now, so let’s us Solat together, so that Allah will love both of us!’


Ensure that your children understand that authority belongs to Allah. Even, we as their parents are subject to His authority. To achieve this, give practical examples and practice what you preach. In front of the children, perform your prayers, fast and tell the truth.


Written by: Syakira

Photographed by: Syakira

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