Tadika Al-Aqil  focuses on the value of friendship this is to make children comfortable to learn with their friend. Normally children who have friends  will feel more happy to go to the kindergarten and they will have no  fear whenever they go to the kindergarten.This is because children nowadays are scared to go to the kindergarten and will cry because they don’t want to go to the kindergarten and sometimes their parents accompany them at the kindergarten. In Al-Aqil, the teachers  treat them with kindness. Whenever the children cries or gets injured, the teachers will try their best to help the kids and the teachers will pay  attention to the children by comforting them.


Tadika Al-Aqil also pays more attention to the children that have no friends.What they do is normally will try to help the children by finding them new friends Besides that, teacher will teach or show them how to make a friend and how to tolerate with their new friend in the kindergarten.From this, children will know how to interact with their friends. This is also to make the children happy and excited to go to their kindergarten.If they feel so happy and excited it will be easy for them to understand what they learn in the kindergarten.


Written by: Syazri

Photographed by: Syazri

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