Sport’s Day

Al-Aqil also have sport day once year.The reason Al-Aqil make sport day because they want to improve relationship between the kids.In the sport day there a lot of activities such as football,running,colouring and others.In football game they will needs to have corporation among each other If they have corporation among each other they will be more understand each other corporation and understand each other are important because their friend will help them whenever they don’t understand what they learn in classroom.Other than that we also have colouring.This activities are for to make a children to be more creative.Because this kindergarten believe that creativity will help the children to exposed them self.So the children can do the thing that they think they cannot do.less but not least the kindergarten also have running activities in sport day.running activities is to increase their spirit among their self So if them can increase they own spirit they can get what he want to achieve.

written by: Syazri

photographed  by: Syazri

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