Love is Important

Love is very important in our self, This love has to be nurtured since childhood, parents have to give a very important role to nurture affection in childhood. This love can be in fertilizer since the beginning of school again not only parents who can teach children but teachers can also teach a student to make them feel a love. For example, in kindergarten teachers can teach children to care and loving plants, animals, friend, teachers and furthermore the affection of others or other things is very important as it can nurture the noble qualities inherent in children. Indirectly people the nature of love that is in them self can make our country more safe and peace. this is because when the nature of this dispute the fighting is getting diminished. Imagine, This lack of love in individuals can become selfishness and can causes a quarrel between a country. for example like the film the purge anarchy of an American film about the killings of the story. the American government to allow everyone in that country to do anything such as murdering rape rapists and so on that night and it’s just a day off a year. because it is the importance of this affection to the individual so that individuals do not have a selfish behavior to not be like the situation.


Written by: Syazri

Photographed by: Syazri

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