A Lifetime Success Begin Here

We never set limits on how much your child can achieve. We individualize lessons to meet the needs of each student and build moral focus lessons into every school day. As a result, kids who not only become good students, they will become great people for the future.


All children possess a unique ability in themselves. The unique abilities can be triggered by influencing them to explore new things that they want to try. When their unique abilities can be seen, this is when Al-A’qil teacher will take a step further by telling parents about their children so that the parents will always are aware of what their children have learned in Al-A’qil. We also have our dedicated teachers to take the time to understand your children’s emotional needs. Sometimes, some of the children have their own problem at home, and they have troubles while learning and not being able to communicate with others. In Al-A’qil, all the teachers will give full attention to them because kindergarten is a place where children get to be playful with their friends and create a happy memory.


Written by: Dalila Syakireen

Photographed by: Dalila Syakireen

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