How Music Affects Our Lives

We listen to music in our daily lives. The harmony of music is literally everywhere. Many studies and researches have been done to understand how music influences the human mind. Like why people like various type of music or which part of our brain respond to the various type of music.
Music also affects our emotions. Like how we listen to an exciting type of music when we are happy or how we listen to sad songs when we are sad. A fun fact, playing music regularly will physically alter your brain structure. Music is also used by many people to help them study. It creates a more fun environment and also helps them to improve their memory.
Sometimes it is not only the rhythm and the beat of the song that we focus on. I think that there are days where we like to focus on the lyrics as well. Lyrics are so important to a song because we can be moved by the lyrics and we can also relate to it.
In the end, music greatly influences us as human. It influences our minds, it makes us feel different emotions and even changes us physically.

Written by: Khairina Fikri
Photographed by: Hanna Hamizan

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