How to Protect Your Kids from the Negative Side of the Internet

The internet brings us many positive sides such as making it easier to contact our loved ones even when we are far, making it easier to find information, socializing, start a business and so much more. But, it also brings many negative sides as well. As it is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Kids nowadays use the internet at such a young age. So, there must be some safety measures to protect them from accidentally entering inappropriate content. We can first start off by having a conversation with our young ones by telling them not to give out their real name, age, and real address. But that is not enough, right? So here are many other ways to protect your children from the harms of the internet.

Keep tabs on your child using the internet at all times :


Use browser’s parental control

The most famous web browser provides an option to set up a setting where all inappropriate content to be accessed by your child

Keep an eye on your children’s online chat

This helps to avoid any contact with any strangers that have bad intentions with your child.

Know the ratings of the game played

Let your child play games that are only appropriate for their age.


Written by: Khairina Fikri

Photographed by: Asri Hashim

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