Simple Ways to Save Money

Money makes the world go round. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend out ways to save money. These are a few steps to save money.

Record your expenses. To save money, first, we must find out how much we spend on a daily basis. Once you have your numbers you can calculate how much you use in a day.

Create a budget planning. Once you create a budget planning you can secure the limit of how much are you planning to spend a day. Doing that you can avoid overspending your money.

Plan on saving money. After spending your income, keep some of the balance in your savings. Do not spend all of your money.

Decide on your priorities. When you have money you are easily influenced to spend money on matters that you don’t really need. Decides on your priorities.

Written by: Khairina Fikri

Photographed by: Asri Hashim

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