Active Body, Active Mind

It is critical for the parents to give their children positive stimulation during their early years, in order to encourage healthy brain development. One way to do this is through creative movements.


Preschoolers usually need exercises and plays that helps them in developing important motor skills. Running, throwing or riding a bicycle can help them in this case. Those activities are some example that increases motor development and helps the children to gain strength, flexibility and balance.


When the children play or do any activities, they are also learning new things.  This allow the children to work at their own rate, encouraging the success of each child. At the same time, encourages children to be healthier and physically fit. Playing and doing activities helps release endorphins, which lower any stress children might be feeling. This helps to support learning, cognitive, social and emotional growth.


That is why one of the reasons Al-‘Aqil Preschool not only focuses the children on hafazan and regular basic study, but we also provides activities that require the children to have the interaction with the others through all kinds of creative playing and fun learning. It greatly increases mental alertness and memory of the children because all the senses of them are stimulated through helping enhance children social skills, self-expression and self-confidence.


The movement during learning and playing not only makes learning more fun that makes the children excited to learn, engaged and be more cooperative, but it also fuels the brain and the body with sparkling energy. An environment enriches with creative learning and playing provides an opportunity to children for use of critical thinking at the same time that make them need to think, move and feel all at once will promotes the development of active healthy body, active creative mind.


Written by: Syakira Rahman

Video shot by: Syakira Rahman

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