Children Need to Communicate With Others

Children in kindergartens need to communicate with the people around them so that they can make friends in their kindergarten. Communication is one of the best way children share information. Although children are familiar with friends, there will always be a mistake in their conversations.


Good communication skills help us to solve problems successfully and maintain good interpersonal relationships. Children will be able to solve problems or misunderstandings through communication. Children will feel comfortable if they can understand each other when they communicate.


Communicating with friends will also increase friendship with each other. Children will be happier if they talk to each other. Children will become closer when they communicate with each other. They will not feel clumsy if they are used to their own friends.


Communication will also make the children easier to understand. For example, when a kid fights with each other, they will tell the teacher or other friends. So they do not have to sulk or communicate with anyone.


In conclusion, communication is a very important way for us to understand a person. Whether they are learning, sports, friendship and so on. We need to improve the level of communication among our children so that they are confident when they are with their friends.


Written by: Nadia Dalmadi

Photographed by: Amirah Mustafa

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