Teaching Children To Love Mathematics

Every parent who sends their child to kindergarten would want their children to master Mathematics. Mathematics is not as difficult as kit seems. There are simple ways for parents and teachers to make children love Math!

The first step is to associate something with numbers. If the children are climbing up the stairs, consider each stair as numbers and start counting with them in a fun manner. Therefore, children will quickly memorize numbers from 1 to 20. It can also be done when playing with lego or wooden blocks.

The next step is to study through the clock. Teachers or parents can ask the child to look at the clock and tell us what time it shows. The child may say that the short needle is pointed at 2 and a long needle at 12 o’clock. Over time they will know how to interpret the time on the clock.

The third is playing Math puzzles and games. Show a serial number on a card to a child or even Math equations in pictorial form to make it fun! Children would love to solve the problems as it will improve its calculating skills. “Two chocolates are given to Mary while only one chocolate was given to Amira. How many chocolates are there altogether?”

Lastly, it can also be put into a song. Just like the Alphabet song, make a fun and memorable song about numbers.

Parents and teachers should always find new ways to teach children anything, as every child is different with their own potential.

Written by: Nadia Dalmadi

Photographed by: Amirah Mustafa

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