Tips to Teach your Kids about Time Managements

Time management is so important in life. When we know how to manage our time, it will be easier for our daily life. We don’t have to rush to finish the task if we know how to manage time. If we want our kids to know how to manage time, we must start early.

This is some of the tips to teach your kids about time management.

  1. Make Time Management more Fun.

If we want to teach our kids, we must teach them in a fun way. For example, make a colorful timetable for your kids so that they are excited to follow the time. Give them color pencils or crayons to tick their list of task that they have done. Make a competition in your household where if they obey the time, they will get a prize. The more fun the task is, the more your kids know how precious is time.

  1. Teach your Kids how to Measure Time.

Buy them a watch and teach them how to tell time. Then if they know how to tell time, you have to teach them how to measure time. Help them set a timer when they are completing their task. The goal here is to make your kids know how long 15 minutes or even 5 minutes are, so the next time you say “we’ll leave in 5 minutes” they will know it is not the time to play with toys, they will go get ready instead.

  1. Make a Schedule for them.

Make a colorful and an attractive schedule for them. In their schedule set a bedtime, eat time, study time, play time and the most important is free time. This is where they can do whatever they wanted to do.

In conclusion, there are more ways to teach your kids about time management. Above is all 3 of them.

Remember, don’t over schedule your kids.


Written by: Amirah Mustafa

Photographed by: Amirah Mustafa

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